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1:1 Coaching

Reinvent yourself, nothing is impossible! Get out of the Duracell drum-man mode.

Who is Dagmar Spantzel:

As a successful manager on the international stage, she not only shook hands with numerous presidents, ministers, and business leaders, but also worked with her teams to advance German-bilateral economic relations in several countries. She turned the deepest crisis of her life into an opportunity and completely reinvented herself. Dagmar Spantzel knows how difficult it is to want to meet the demands of all sides in the demanding everyday business life – and at the same time to be on the demanding search for healing.

More than ever, she found the way not only to overcome difficulties, but to grow beyond them. Today she shows her clients how they can solve their problems in such a way that, in retrospect, they are grateful for having had this chance.

Self-test: Business Actresses Syndrome?


If at least 6 of the 11 points apply to you, then it's time to reinvent yourself!

Reinvent yourself!

Because you are far too young to no longer be able to bring your potential into the world.

What a loss for the world when your experience and expertise can no longer be used to the full. You have spent so many years being who you want to be and knowing what you know now. And now it’s time to reinvent yourself. Take everything you have gained in knowledge, know-how and experience with you into your new life.

What you can expect from working with Dagmar Spantzel:

USP / Promise:

I had a dream job for 25 years. As a successful international manager, I have lived in five countries on three continents and have enjoyed my job 100%. Then my private, health and professional life turned completely upside down: I had to part with my husband, was chronically ill; On a long sick leave, after 26 years I lost my job. At this stage I discovered a process to do a complete “reset” in my life. As a result, I found lasting inner peace, happiness, and serenity, regardless of the external circumstances.

Why go the way with me?

My personal promise:

When you work with me, you can be sure: I will be fully present with you. I will accompany you until you are where you really belong. And, yes, that is also true: on the way there you will have to let go of things that are in your way. And I guarantee that I will not shy away from asking you uncomfortable questions as a sparring partner. On the contrary: if we work together, we will leave no stone unturned – until your goal is achieved.

Our first conversation is an invitation to you. I give you an hour of my time. After this conversation you will have greater clarity about where you are and where you are going. We are going to outline an initial strategic plan to get where you want to go. And at the end of the conversation, we will know if I can help you in your specific case.

Do you have the courage to start over?

Then click on the button now and look for a suitable date in my calendar. Nice to meet you.