Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Dagmar Spantzel - Architektin des Glücks


GoDach Consulting

Would you like to know how big your potential is in Germany, what the sales structures look like, what prices you can achieve, who your competitors are and what general conditions you have to consider?

What’s in it for you, if you work with Dagmar?

A business leader with a reputation for building strong sustainable and profitable businesses.
– So you can be sure to be in professional hands.

Extensive high profile business network and a thorough understanding of the DACH market dynamics and players

– turn it into business opportunities for your company.

Over 25 years of international management and go to market experience

– you can count on her profound experiences.

Track record for identifying and developing talent and aligning teams behind a common purpose

– you get sophisticated communication on all levels.

A self-critical person who sets high standards for herself and others and consistently drives for improvements

– she does not rest before you are satisfied.

Outstanding abilities to apply deep insight and analytical skills to dissect complex situations into simple actionable plans

– the complex german market  demystified for your product.

Connecting with people, building credibility and earning trust with top executives and government officials – understanding and identifying potential synergies, well defined value propositions and impactful business solutions for countries, communities, and businesses

– you can profit from an outstanding german wide network to cover your needs in your market entry process.

A rich experience with different cultures and environments, mastering five languages, embracing diversity,  and turning it into your opportunity

– p.ex. you get the knowledge how to open the german CEO doors

 A strong capacity to drive business even in special situations and transitioning it back smoothly to a successful business

– when it is getting complex you have a Pro on your side who turns difficulty into success.

Continuously develops  her expertise in innovation and digital transformation and translates it into sustainable business models and working connections

– you can speak your digital language and will be understood.

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